Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

If you’ve read previous blogs, or follow me on Instagram, or even if you’ve just passed me on the street – you’ll have heard me blabber on about how much I’m obsessed with shoes. Particularly boots (I’m a boots girl.)

I’m not just frivolously attached to passing trends in boots, I adore them. It sounds ridiculous but with all my shoes in my wardrobe I remember where I got them, how long I pined after them, the deal I found, the momentous occasion I first wore them or how thrilled I was to finally own them. They all really truly mean something to me. I’m not a shoe fan, I’m a shoe dork.

So I thought I’d take you through some of my favourite pairs of shoes, not only to show you how bloody gorgeous they are, but to explain to you what they mean to me. And hopefully give you some shoe buying tips along the way.

These babies were my first extravagant shoe buy. I’d had animal prints and adorned boots before, but these were statement and £40 – which isn’t expensive for some but really was for me (especially as I was a student at the time having my housemates dominos for breakfast.)   They haven’t lasted spectacularly with the glitter looking quite faded and the zip breaking off, due to the glitter effect they’re extremely stiff scratchy boots so they’re hard to protect and look after. To be honest I wouldn’t buy these now. If you’re after a glittery number I’d really recommend going for a sock boot, because it’s glittery soft material they’ll wear a lot better and be much more comfortable.  These boots will always be extremely special to me BUT I like to get at least 30 wears from all my purchases and that really hasn’t been possible with these beauts. You live and learn ey!

In my opinion no shoe collection is complete without a pair of converse. I’ve had quite a few pairs of these bad boys, plain black low tops (thrown away due to bed bugs – don’t ask!), white low tops (lost forever – cry!) and leopard print low tops (still lovingly in my wardrobe.) But these post box red high tops are my ultimate faves. I picked them up for a mere £15 on Ebay and they arrived in brand spanking new condition – such a find! They’re so good for lazy days, but what I love most is pairing them with a pretty summer dress or more tailored pieces – great for injecting comfort into more put together outfits whilst still looking ace. I’d buy these again and again and again and I will most certainly get my 30 wears. I think my next purchase will be a baby pink pair – heaven!

T h e s e  b o o t s. I cannot express to you just how much I love these boots. I tend to really think my purchases through, especially if they’re not second hand, so I know I’ll really get my wear from them and funnily enough these boots so nearly didn’t make the cut. At the time I wasn’t sure how practical they’d be, and I wasn’t 100% sold on the metal hardware. But me oh my what a fool I would have been not to buy them. They’re the perfect boots, eye catching enough to make a statement but classic enough to go with basically everything. I love the way they’ve worn. The dulling down of the silver shine has made them look so much more rock and roll, and I adore the contrast again the metal hardware. I adore pointed boots I find they suit my style most and are so elongating for the legs. The height of these boots is perfect for day and night in comfort. My ultimate favourite thing about these boots is the tortoiseshell heel, it’s such a unique point of interest without being too over the top, it’s something I haven’t seen on another pair of silver beauties. I’ve definitely already got my 30 wears from these bad boys and I plan to wear them for a long time to come.

I received these gorgeous Doc’s as a 21st birthday present from my Ma and Pa. I’d owned quite a few pairs of docs before this, all second hand or hand me downs. These were the first pair that moulded to my feet and my feet alone. I went for the Pascal Virginia in Cherry Red, I love the design feature of the laces being the same colour as the boot and the leather being a finer more supple material – it just gives the boot a real soft finish quite the contrast to the tough tyre soles. I’ve owned these beauts for nearly 3 years now and they have worn beautifully. I love the fading on the front and sides, the fact they still look so good with signs of wear really highlights the quality of the boot. Now, even though I’m SO in love with these boots, I wouldn’t get them again as since I’ve become vegan so don’t purchase leather. However as these boots were a gift and still in such brilliant condition I shan’t be getting rid as I think that’s wasteful and goes against the environmental reasons I made this change. So I’ll wear these boots until they fall apart. They’ve so far been to 4 festivals, around Europe interailing, muddy walks and MANY a night out! I love the tough edge they bring to outfits aswell as the practical comfort. I really would be lost without them.

My most extravagant, out there, ridiculous boot purchases. But I’m obsessed. How ace are these boots?! Every time I wear them someone comments on them, I’ve had many a drunk conversation about these girls! They’re not the most wearable shoes in the world, I’ve only so far paired them with more basic outfits. They look amazing paired with light wash ripped denim, fishnet tights or (fake) leather skirts or trousers. I like to say they add drag queen glamour to tougher outfits, softening them and making them a bit more whimsical. Cause no one should take their style too seriously, right? I absolutely adore the block heel on these boots they’re really comfortable to wear, so great for a night out dancing. I’ve had these boots about a year and I’d say I’ve worn them around 12 times, which isn’t bad for such a loud pair. And they’re going no where – I will absolutely get my 30 wears!

There’s just a snippet of my shoe-drobe, they’re by no means my favourites – a mother cannot pick between her children after all. If you liked this blog I can definitely do more with another rounds of beautiful shoes – let me know!

Flo x






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