R E A L festival fashion

Hello there!
I’m currently in planning mode, I’m going to Glastonbury in just over a week and I’m so bloody excited. There’s a lot to get done before going (the joys of being self-employed) and SO many packing woes.

I love festivals, they’re the highlight of my year. I love the atmosphere, the people, the bands, the late nights I love it all. BUT I bloody struggle every year with what to wear and it’s really not from a vanity point of view. For me feeling comfortable and confident makes me happy, so if I’m worried that I’m flashing or I’m getting overly hot or I’m wearing a material that embracing that inevitable festival sweat it’s going to affect how much fun I’m having. And I’m not going to allow ANYTHING to ruin my summer hols!

I thought I’d do this post to inspire you when packing to think of all the things that might annoy you while you’re stranded in a field, as well as making sure you look gorgeous.

Outfit 1: Summers Evening. 

Okay this is an outfit you’ll need for basically every festival. No matter where you are and what the time of year is it’s going to get colder at night. I used to wear this star dress for a night out but with it getting a little older it’s been transferred to my festival outfits. It’s a really lovely shape and length as well as being super lightweight and comfy. This striped poncho cardigan is fab over the top. If you need more warmth swap bare legs for tights or leggings, and if it’s not too muddy swap wellies for sandals (I wish) or converse.

Outfit 2: It’s raining, it’s pouring. 

Now let’s be realistic, most of us headed to an English festival are going to need a variation of this outfit! This ones a good ‘un as it can be changed up super easily as the weather constantly changes it’s mind. This floaty monki t-shirt dress is perfect for all weathers and has been a wardrobe staple of mine for years. Layering over a pair of leggings for while the rain hits – easy to whip off in a portoloo when the sun comes out! My top waterproof tip is to always buy baggy, that way if it’s super cold you have room to layer a hoodie underneath and if it’s muggy rainy weather it’s loose enough to let your body breathe – nothing worst than a sweaty thunderstorm!

Outfit 3: The Steve Nicks Skip

Okay, okay I hear ya. It’s not ALL about being practical – sometimes we want to skip around a field in a floaty dress loving summer. This is a gorgeous look, but let me also bore you with why it’s sensible too! It’s a really lightweight chiffon material, so saves space in that rucksack but wont look crappy when it’s inevitably very wrinkled. It’s long enough to wear some cycling shorts or shorter leggings underneath to avoid any chaffing after long walks to the stages. And it still looks good with a hoodie thrown into the mix. I found this dress on Ebay after longing for it full price on Asos, so understandably I’m chuffed!

Outfit 4: Exploring

Obviously Glastonbury is a longer festival with SO much going on. I can’t wait to explore and see as much as I can. But in order to avoid heading back to camps for outfit changes, I’m going to have to think this through. This outfit will work in loads of different weathers. It’s lightweight and breathable, AND room underneath for those miracle working cycle shorts again! My trusty bakerboy comes with again – an absolute festival essential for warmth, protecting from rain and generally hiding how repulsively greasy and dirty my hair will be!

There are a few other outfits I’ll be taking which I’ve still to figure out, but once I’ve got my staples I’ll work everything else round these.  Also I’ll have a travel outfit, a few basic tees, some summery shorts and lots of pairs of leggings! Now obviously if we get a weather report saying Glasto’s gonna be a wash out (pray for me) I’ll change these. But for now I’m trying to cover all bases!

I hope this post helps you pack if you’re headed to a festival this summer. Get organising, I’ve listed my five clothing and non clothing festival essentials below to help you start! Have a wonderful time.

Top 5 Clothing Essentials

  • Bakerboy cap
  • Leggings
  • Socks
  • Spare underwear
  • Hoodie

Top 5 Non-Clothing Essentials

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Squeezy dilute juice (perfect for making cheap cider or wine yummy – trust me!)
  • Paracetamol
  • Vitamin C
  • Wet wipes


What are you festival essentials, have I forgotten something? Comment below!

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