By the time I’m 25…

This Friday I turn 23. I’ve always been obsessed with birthdays, I love that everyone gets a day that’s theirs! This year I’ve been so busy with moving and work I’ve not really had time to get too excited, but today I sat down and thought about it. Although 23 feels like a nothing age, just early 20’s, I kind of got a bit freaked out by how close it is to 25. For some reason I’ve always thought of 25 as an important year, the year I set a lot of my goals to. So I thought I’d make a realistic list of 25 things I want to have achieved by that year. Actual things I can actually work towards in my every day life. Some are big, some are silly, some I’m already working towards and some are very personal – but all of them are important!




  1. Be proud of my body and it’s differences. I’ve already come on leaps and bounds in my 20’s. But I want to be the naked dance in front of the mirror version of my self ALWAYS!
  2. Have a kick ass blog updated weekly, that people engage with and look forward to.
  3. Continue in my very loving relationship (maybe even with a ring on it!)
  4. Be ACE at writing down my thoughts and not let them spiral in my tiny little brain and become a million times scarier!
  5. Practice self-care ALL the time. Especially when I need it most.
  6. Have maintained beautiful relationships with my sisters and helped them through the crappy hormonal years.
  7. Add to my amazing boots collection. I’m desperate for a shocking pink pair, a crushed velvet pair and a red pair. Obviously
  8. Not be losing things. Or at least not losing things every minute of every day.
  9. Have written for lots of varying online publications/magazines. I’m so proud of my Unsorry articles and would love to start writing for others. Particularly about living in Manchester, I’m thinking food, fashion and music.
  10. Speaking of! I’d love to be creating social media for a fashion brand, particularly one with Ethical Trading Initiative compliance and fantastic body diversity.
  11. I’d also love to start doing social media for a bar. I loved my time working in a bar , I think independent music venues  have such character and I’d love to be able to work with one. There are some beautiful venues in Manchester who put on gigs for incredible bands. I’d love to play a small part in that.
  12. Whilst we’re talking about dream clients, here’s my ultimate one! I’m desperate to work with body positive campaigns. It’s a cause that feels so close to my heart and something I think is desperately needed throughout social media. I’d love to start working with some of these inspirational women and charities.
  13. Have developed my own body diversity campaign to #ditchthemannequin. My Unsorry article got such amazing feedback, I really think there are so many people interested in getting involved. Just got to get some fashion industry big wigs behind it!
  14. Own a matching bra and knickers set, because that’s what real women do.
  15. Have some house plants. I’m actually the proud owner of three cacti which I’ve yet to kill, I mean it’s only been a week but get me!
  16. Start a recipe scrap book, I love cooking. It’s so good for my mental health and I love sharing food with the people I love. Right now everything’s on Pinterest but I’d love to start writing down my own tweaked recipes to pass on to my kids – however kids are most certainly not in the before 25 list!
  17. Have a gorgeous working environment.  I now have a lovely space in my spare room, I just need to start developing it. I’m picturing some gorgeous artwork, vintage lamps and a swivel chair – and glittery stationary, of course!
  18. Start sharing my outfits more. I’m really scared of full body shots on social media, they actually terrify me. I’ve gone to do it so many times and chickened out. This has to stop! I have some amazing outfits that I’ve styled bloody well – I need to share. I’m actually tentatively thinking of doing a photo shoot for my blog to do with an exciting blog series coming up. It seems a bit too grown up right now, I’m going to have to mull it over.
  19. Own all the fruit teas.
  20. Make a difference to the ethical fashion world. It’s something I think is so important that our generation changes. I need to start contributing more and taking an active role in changing things.
  21. Promote feminism and equality in all my work, as well as my everyday actions.
  22. NOT to lose the courage of my convictions. I’ve always been so scared of becoming the grown up who says they USED to think that way but then they grew up. I don’t want to grow up like that!
  23. Go on a photography course. I think this is really important for my career progression and as a good hobby. I’d love to have an excuse to invest in a good camera and start doing shoots for these amazing clients I’m going to be getting.
  24. Wear more hats.
  25. Have travelled to five amazing places. If I had to chose now I’d go; Lake Bled, Lisbon, Barcelona, Bruges or Zagreb. But this literally changes on a daily basis, and is often based on finding cute pictures of bridges on Pinterest!

4 thoughts on “By the time I’m 25…

  1. This is an amazing list and it looks just like mine, love it! 24 is in 2 weeks and I’m now freaking out a little, haha 🙂 Crushed velvet boots are the best and now I really want a pair..

    1. Thanks.I’ll be sure to check yours out. I’m sensing we should both buy ourselves crushed velvet birthday presents……Have a great birthday I’m sure 24 will be amazing for ya! x

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