Good riddance, long distance!


Celebration! Tomorrow me and James finally move back to Manchester and into our first home together. I am beyond excited. I can’t wait to jazz up the decor, have all my friends over, create my own little desk space and use my bloody slow cooker. (I plan to age twenty years in the next few days.) Revoltingly, however I am most excited to be living with James and seeing him every day.

So for the last six months we’ve been long distancing this relationship, he’s been based in Reading and I’ve been based in Bradford. We’ve been pretty darn lucky as I work from home, it’s meant I’ve been able to visit every 3-4 weeks and spend a week with him.  So we’ve had it easy in comparison to some but it’s still been bloody hard, let me moan!

Okay let’s get the negative out of the way. I struggled with lots of things. Me and James met at uni so we had an odd relationship of being together on a daily basis for months then having several weeks apart. But these last few months have felt different, it felt never ending. I was getting used to a new job and looking for a new flat, at times it was really stressful and I really needed James for the wonderful support he gives. Mainly I missed him making me smile, cause he’s bloody good at it.

Fear not dear readers, this period of our relationship wasn’t all doom and gloom. We’ve spent some wonderful months together and I feel like I’ve learnt all the things I really appreciate about him, and all the things we stupidly argue over. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still argue over these things – just with more wisdom!
It’s also confirmed to me that we are solid, information I’ve always known – but some part of me always worried we might fizzle out after uni when life got harder. Not even a tiny bit of me thinks that anymore.

Today I was listening to King Charles, a band we went to see a year ago tomorrow. I always find music can be so nostalgic and really transport you back to a different time. It’s only been a year but so much has changed. We’ve travelled, gone to festivals, gained degree’s, left our uni bubble, started new jobs, become healthier, happier, more confident – and we’ve done it all together, even when miles apart.


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