My Simple New Year’s Goal.


Happy New Year everyone.

I’m fully aware you’ll be sick to death of other peoples resolutions and you’re probably swiping this post away already, but WAIT stick with me!
I’ve always hated resolutions. I try and make changes every year and nearly always fail, mainly because I take on too much at once.
This year, however, I’m really feeling these fresh start vibes.

I’ve purchased a BEAUTIFUL new diary and my new years resolution is simple  –  to use it. Every day I write one goal I have to achieve. Obviously it’s not the only thing I’ll do in the day, but this way I always have one thing I can tick off, one thing I’ve done that’s positive, an active way of looking after myself.
Yesterday my goal was to stick to my working schedule (being freelance that can be weirdly difficult) and today it was to get up early enough to have a leisurely breakfast. Other goals for this week are to get an early night, go to the gym, eat my 5-a-day, write a blog post and read a chapter of my book.
I know they seem weirdly simple, but up until now I’ve been writing never ending to-do-lists, trying to do all these things every day and often failing on all fronts. Which is so discouraging and damaging. This way my day seems more positive and manageable.
I’ve been finding that focusing on one task has also helped other goals slot into place.

So my focus today was an early healthy breakfast, I’d achieved something straight away! Starting my day with that buzz meant I stuck to my work schedule, ate really well and had time to write a blog post. Self-care, mental health and healthy living are all intertwined. Letting my mind breathe and focus on less has allowed me to do SO much more.

Obviously we’re only a few days into this year so I can’t pretend I’ve fixed my life, but I love the start I’ve given myself and hope to keep up this relaxed way of making big progress.

How are your resolutions going?



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