What I’m currently loving!




So I know the done thing for these here bloggers is to do monthly faves, but I shan’t be doing that. I’m too out there, I throw caution to the wind and do what the fudge I like.
One day maybe I’ll be together enough to do this as a monthly feature. However I’m known for saying one day often. Some of the other ‘one day’ elements of my life include; purchasing a matching bra and knickers set, regularly shaving, casually wearing lipstick and going to the gym before work.
Hey maybe one day maybe I’ll find the winning formula to be being a smooth skinned, lipstick wearing, unbelievably healthy, lingerie loving, writing Goddess . But for now, here’s a few of my favourite things.

The beautiful Hannah Gale 

Firstly what I’ve reading. I’m sure you’re all familiar with this lovely lady, I’m truly becoming obsessed. Hannah’s funny, smart, relatable and her style is to die for. I think what I love most about her is her ability to find a bloody good bargain. LOVING her blogs and videos!

Starry, strarry night

Star print, oh me oh my, delicious star print. If I’m not wearing star print at the moment I’m probably not dressed (star print PJ’s will be in my sales shopping list.)
I’ve got scarves, jewellery, shirts, tops and boots in this versatile little print. My fave combination at the moment has to be this beautiful Zara shirt teamed with this starry silver necklace given to me by my boyfriends gorgeous Mum (TOP TIP always be around when generous fashionable friends are clearing out their wardrobe, you will reap the rewards!)

A Painting of a Panic Attack

I’m always listening to Frightened Rabbit but the last few months this has gone into overdrive. I went with my beautiful friend Fay to see them at Manchester Cathedral for their Painting of a Panic Attack tour. It was probably the most stunning gig I’ve ever been to. That venue combined with the melodic heart wrenching songs Frabbit’s are known for. Their acoustic version of Holy and Backwards Walk had me weeping like a baby. I’ve seen them before but with a setlist focusing much more on their rousing anthems. I felt privileged to  see their softer side in this gig whilst still being able to have a good boogie in church!

The dreamiest of combinations

This watch! James bought me this watch for absolutely no reason at all. It was beyond sweet. In fact I’m still kind of questioning it, maybe in 9 months it will emerge that I’m now a stepmother. But do you know what, it would be worth it, cause this watch! It looks so good teamed with this adorable elephant bracelet, bought for me by my gorgeous friend Billie (apparently I buy nothing ever.) I’m really crap at putting the finishing touches on outfits but this dreamy combo has inspired me to put in that extra styling time.

So that’s my faves, hopefully catch you soon with a few more.



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