Mission Prom


On Friday my little sister had her year 11 prom. Nina’s not the most fashionable soul god bless her, she has asked atleast 20 times in the last few months if she can go to prom in her pyjamas. Getting her prom ready has not been an easy task. But all joking aside, Nina’s not one for dressing up and being in the limelight, and she didn’t have much money. SO making sure she felt confident and beautiful while not spending too much was really important.

I remember on my own prom, like Nina, I was leaving my secondary school and going to college elsewhere so it was a final goodbye to my high school days. I still remember the highlight of my day was getting ready with my lovely friend Carina. We had such a fun day of messing around, joking and even eating McDonalds- not the sweet 16 teenage queen day, just two best friends having an amazing time.  Me and Nina had a similar day of simply having fun and not being too over the top about getting ready. No appointments for nails or hair and make up, I think Nina would have a heart attack if I suggested anything of the kind.

I’m so proud of my little sister. Although prom can be silly and often over the top, helping Nina with hers was so much more. It was about showing her how beautiful she is, giving her confidence and highlighting that doing things differently is so much more fun!

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