A magical festival holiday.


So last week I got back from the holiday of dreams and I wanted to tell you guys all about it. I went to Bilbao for a week with some fabulous friends and my wonderful boyfriend. Our primary reason for going was to attend the local festival BBK.

But firstly we had a couple of days to explore. Our first night we went to, what we thought was, Santander. Instead we ended up in a sleepy little working village outside of the city, which did not take kindly to our raucous British ignorance. It was, however, still a wonderful night and I was beyond happy to be sat outside Sol y Luna (Luna is mine and James’ song and I have a sun and moon tattooed on my back.) I’m so ridiculous the holiday could have ended there and I’d have gone home ecstatic, full of tales of my trip to ‘Santander.’

The next day we journeyed to Bilbao and explored the beautiful city. We found a gorgeous little bar to watch the football (we were right behind you Wales!) Pre football game we played a few rounds of improv role play, we were so bloody good at it it could have it’s own blog post, but alas I shall move on.  I then had the most exotic meal of the week, tempura vegetables and spicy mayo. FYI the Spanish are BIG fans of ham and not such big fans of veggies, I ate LOTS of Spanish Omelette.

Then onto the glorious hidden gem festival that is BBK, situated in the picturesque Bilbao mountains I’ve never been to a festival so stunning. We even had to pitch our tents in neat little rows, with a very aggressive Spanish lady telling a group of hungover sun drained souls to pitch faster! Musicly the festival was just as beautiful. My own personal highlight HAS to be the incredible Arcade Fire, I’ve never seen a band perform with such joy, talent and beauty. I went through all the emotions with them and have never danced so much. Other amazing acts included Pixies, Chvrches, Father John Misty, Editors, Slaves, Blood Red Shoes and Foals. It truly was an incredible experience and I hope to attend more festivals abroad. The combination of a holiday and festival is a stunning one and worth every penny spent.

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