The Fear


Today I’ve been a little sap. I think we all have those days of 0 motivation and feeling like a slug. I normally rely on James to give me a little boost and chirp me up, but the selfish bastards having an amazing time at Glastonbury and only turns his phone on once a day (because apparently I’m in love with a 78 year old.)

Whenever I’m left by myself to think for too long I go a bit crazy. Today’s been focused on the fear of leaving the uni bubble. Instead of blogging about these feelings I should actually be tidying and cleaning, nevermind!

I leave my uni house this Sunday and although I’ve grown to hate the rotting damp physical building, I love living with my best friends and adjusting from that is going to be so difficult.Then there’s the fear of what I’m possibly going to do with the rest of my life, I know my long term goals but I’m struggling with the short term. AND the fear of starting a long distance relationship, even if it’s only for a few months it’s not going to be fun.

SO instead of moaning today I’m focusing on the good. I go to BBK in Bilbao in a week and I have an interailing journey to plan and do! I have so much to look forward to and I’m going to focus on sharing it on my blog, maybe that will help with the career black hole.

Basically my focus of this summer is to smile, relax and treasure all the amazing experiences and people I will share it with. That’s my way of gaining courage to beat the fear.

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