Becoming Aunt Flo

This year has been big for so many reasons. But right up there has got to be becoming the inappropriately named Aunt Flo.

Unlike thousands of women out there who associate these words with anger, excessive chocolate eating and crippling cramps. I associate it with joy, pride and love.

My nephew Kit is the most divine little chickpea in this universe. He’s 7 months old now, and I’m sure every Aunt in the world thinks this, but he really is the brightest little thing! We have an odd relationship, every time he see’s me he stares at me sussing me out for atleast half an hour. Slowly and surely though we bond and we’re cool. Annoyingly Kit warms to my boyfriend James much more. Although seeing James being so amazing with Kit is gorgeous to watch, even if I am jealous!

I love being an Aunty. I sometimes feel sad or frustrated by not being able to see him as much as I’d like. But he’s always worth the wait. No matter how far away they go my love for my nephew and the admiration I have for his Mum and Dad will never waver.

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