Patch and pin your way to denim perfection

Pins and patches

Denim Embellishment is everywhere at the moment and as mentioned in my last blog it’s a really fun way to spruce up your old wardrobe and resist succumbing to fast fashion.  I’m in the middle of building my unique vintage pin’d and patched denim jacket and I can’t express the excitement of getting a new item to make a jacket that’s just for Flo (but maybe I just need a life!)

It can be a struggle to choose patches. I’m in love with nearly every one I see! I want to create a playful colourful look, I love the idea of my jacket looking innocent and girl guide-esque but with filthy quotes and patches that represent the conflicting mind of a 21 year old woman.
I’m finding pins easier to choose. They may be a tad more expensive, but they’re more versatile-less permanent. I can whip them off my jacket and use them to re-style my black denim a-line dress, completely reinventing looks. They look soooo good pinned onto a leather collar aswell.

You NEED to get involved with this spectacular 90’s style.  I’ve credited all the amazing pin patch pictures above. If you need some inspiration I seriously recommend following Bananna Bones and Becky Jackson- their deets are below. Or simply go to Etsy and start searching there’s so much to creep over. So get started go down to your local charity shop pick up a d.jacket for £7-15 and get stitching!

P.S I’ll make sure to post my finished pinned patched denim heaven for y’al to see

Photo credit– Dungarees and Jeans WGSN  Denim Development 23/10/2014
Denim Jacket (top centre) @_erinj ryan gosling and leather jacket pins Bananna Bones
Dat ass and Depressed as Fuck  @laserkitten
Patches red background @bigbudpress
Day of the dead skulls  @extremelargeness (and Afflecks Palace)
Demin Jacket (bottom right) Becky Jackson @asos_becky





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