How to be more ethical. The opinions of an unqualified woman

As humans we’re a peculiar bunch. We so easily sit back and ignore such glaring injustices. Don’t worry this isn’t a preachy blog, I’m the absolute worst! I’m fully aware of how horrific the meat industry is but still I needed that last twisted pepperoni dough ball before taking the veggie plunge. I constantly hear about the horrific treatment of girls denied education while I dwindle my own. I know people die of starvation every minute while I sit and watch that bag of salad melt in my fridge cause I fancy take away tonight. Yes we all do similar, and perhaps it’s the way of our world, but it’s pretty shocking.

The injustice that I need to tackle is the fashion industry. I love fashion, I have done since I was a little girl. I love the self expression, the sense of community and god dammit the glitter! But I think we all know it can be a repulsive business. We’ve all heard something about the shocking treatment of people who make our clothes, the terrible wages, the horrific health and safety leading to collapsing buildings and ultimately deaths. Surely we’re aware that fast fashion is killing the environment with huge waste and depletion of the worlds resources.

Here’s what we can do to change things. It’s pretty simple stuff that will have huge impacts. We need to change our attitude to clothing, within our society fashion has become such a disposable commodity. We need to start attaching meaning, stories and value to our clothing again, take a quality not quantity approach to our shopping. I, particularly as a fashion student, know this is easier said than done.
Simple approaches would be to start shopping at and giving more to charity shops. Start upcycling clothing. Not only is it super fun but also means you have a unique amazing wardrobe, a great place to start is with pins, badges and patches which are ridiculously on trend (I smell a future blog post.)
Start asking more questions, why are we letting retailers and the people making profit make the rules. Let’s demand more from who we give our money to. Who made our clothes? What conditions did they work in? How much water was wasted in making those jeans? How can we change this? The more we find out the more power we have to change things.
We really can’t turn a blind eye to this anymore. It’s too important, we’ve lost too many of our resources and even worst too many life’s have been wasted.

Check out Fashion Revolution, the Ethical Trading Initiative and the Ethical Fashion Forum to find out more and listen to people who actually have like degrees and stuff!



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