Sisters, am I riiiight?

My wonderful sisters. Laura, Nina and Gennie 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of the sort of woman I want to be. I’m nearly 22 and I think I might be starting to grow up. It’s terrifying. I figure the best thing to do is take example from those around me.

My own Mum’s a good place to start, a mother of 10 and kind of awe inspiring, it’s taken me to get a bit older to release the extent of her achievements. My boyfriends Mum is pretty ultimate woman also, she’s incredibly independent and strong willed, also kind of terrifying especially when scolding me for messy ditsy habits. They’re definitely women I aspire to be like. But they seem like actual fully formed women, with successful adult children and life’s. I need to aim lower for now!
My friends are fantastic I live with two incredibly supportive annoying women. We’re all pretty similar but different enough to help each other through mess ups and guide our shambolic existences. But they’re kind of in a similar Britney position, not a girl not yet a woman and all that.
Then I looked to my sisters. I’ve been seeing sister acts everywhere at the moment. From fashion bloggers who I follow to girls I work with. Amazing double acts who are incredibly close and loving.
I have 3 sisters aged 29, 16 and 14 (or something like that.) I’ve been close to the youngest, Gennie, since she was born. She’s phenomenal, so beautiful, incredibly caring and intelligent-far more than I’ll ever be. Even though she’s so much younger than me she has a much better attitude towards life and an amazing confidence about her. Nina, 16, used to be an evil creature. Like actual spawn of the devil, we went through many years of clashing and I was horrible to her. I’m incredibly proud of her now, she went through a lot of people being nasty to her and she’s come out a fantastic, hysterically funny,  gorgeous person. My eldest sister Laura can wind me up no end. When we were younger she used to tell me when she was a famous writer I could be her PA and make her tea- she’s always had such faith in me! She’s just become a Mum and it’s made us closer than ever before. I didn’t notice just how much I aspire to be like her until recently. But I really do, she’s probably the woman who influences me most. And my sister influences are only growing, my brothers getting married this year so I’ll gain a new sister. To be honest she’s been in my life since I was 16 and has already helped me grow.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I have such fantastic influences around me that I’m bound to be alright! I’m going to try stop focusing on how to be other people and just let there influences and love guide and shape me.

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