How a haircut has ruined my life….


It was a glorious Wednesday morning and I was excited to chop my shoulder length locks and feel renewed. I was going in for a choppier textured bob and a new fringe. About 2 inches off, nothing too dramatic.
As I explained this look the hairdresser said, kind of like Caroline Flacks?! YES exactly. She’d got it. I was going to look hot. As she cut the back of my hair I nattered away so content with life, “Have a feel love, see if the lengths good for you”


I’ve always secretly judge people who moan that the hairdressers cut their hair too short. It’s always made me think they’re drama queens or rely far too much on their looks. But I’d like to publicly apologize for this. Hating your hair is a horrible feeling. Looking in the mirror and hating the way it frames your face is soul destroying and makes you feel so insecure. When I see people looking at my hair I feel terrified. It’s not only that I don’t like it, it’s that it isn’t the message I want to be sending out to the world. I don’t want people to think I find this attractive or that it’s who I am! Maybe I should walk around with a sticker proclaiming it’s a mistake. Or just get an eye catching face tattoo to divert attention, I feel like that’s the most sensible decision. Far less permanent than bad hair, right?

Yes I’m being slightly vain and GOD yes I’m being dramatic. And most of the time I can laugh about it and know that it will grow back reasonably fast. But it really can knock the confidence right out of you to dread looking in the mirror!

For now I’ll keep on smiling and hope not many people point out just how much I look like Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka.



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