Amy Schumer AKA Wonderwoman

Hey guys!

I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish the last few days so spent them in bed going on Youtube journeys (the BEST way to feel better!) While doing this I’ve been introduced to the best woman in existence, Amy Schumer.

Amy’s an amazing comic. I guess she’s made an impression on me because she’s so completely outrageous. Clips from her sketch show Inside Amy Schumer and from her stand up tours made me laugh my way to health! But since these videos I really haven’t been able to get Amy out of my head. She’s not just hilarious she’s the comic that is completely needed. Amy is the sort of feminist that needs to be in the public eye. Easy to relate to, floored, not a ‘Hollywood type’ and not afraid to find the humour in ANYTHING.

The first thing I watched of Amy cemented all these views completely. This sketch is called The Last F*ckable day and points out the absurdity of women celebrities and societies views towards them, take a look

And what’s brilliant about Amy is she isn’t just a woman comic who bashes men and excludes them. Men should totally watch this show and would really enjoy it- serious belly laughs. She completes mocks women and their stereotypes. This sketch of ‘the dream break up’ mocks women’s insanity and the vile (but completely addictive) lifestyle shows. My favourite line ever, ‘When I divorced your father I wore something more traditional’

This sketch is fine example of Amy’s best work, mocking the horrific subjects of the high number of rapes related to football. Set in the style of Friday Night Lights it’s hilarious, absurd and taking an insanely sensitive subject and making it funny

Amy’s a breath of fresh air. She’s a fantastic and rare new view of women. Not all women want to tie up a man and force marriage upon him, women can be sluts and be filthy (seriously watch her stand up), women don’t have to look a certain way to be worthy of listening to. And most importantly women CAN be funny



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