A-line Fever

Hey guys,

Today I want to talk about summer trends, in particular the A-line skirt. An A-line skirt it pretty self explanatory- it looks like an A! Tight on the waist flaring out in a rigid style, usually stopping well above the knees.
I’m sure, like me. you’ll have been seeing it EVERYWHERE. It’s such a versatile piece that works really well with other trends, such as 70’s geek and school styles. And with these trends looking to stick around looks like the A-line beauty is going no where!

With the A-line skirt looking good with so many trends it makes it super easy to style and means it can be seen anywhere from the office to a night out. I recently went to Latitude Festival and saw countless gorgeous A-line styling. So I thought I’d use the blog to find some brilliant high street A-Lines..

Blogger Megan Ellaby is queen of the A-line. She styles them in a relaxed fashion, often pairing with simple tee’s or striped crops. She also wears them brilliantly with lace up shirts (another summer 15 gorgeous trend!) Megan’s brilliant for styling advice as she’s so casual and chooses easy to wear outfits.

To see more of her styling go to her fantastic blog www.pagesbymegan.com/

megan ellaby



Want to get your own A-line skirt? Heres my pick of the highstreet

Ark Clothing £20
Ark Clothing
Asos  £26
Urban Outfitters £22 SALE!
Urban Outfitters
£22 SALE!
River Island  £30
River Island

Click the images to buy or browse more skirts on the website!
Would love to see pics of your A-Line styling!



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