Let’s cause a Fashion Revolution

Hey guys

Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently. Brilliantly my boyfriend got cider on my laptop- you’d think this would mean being showered with constant gifts, love and attention. But no instead I bought him a take away to stop him feeling so bad, bloody ridiculous! Anyway I’v been laptop-less for a while. It’s been a dark time. But I’m back.

I wanted my first blog back to be something a bit different and really important to me. Fashion blogs are a crucial way to share different looks, style inspiration and good deals. But I think they should also talk about some of the MANY issues in the industry.

The way fashion is currently produced and consumed is fast. Consumers want the latest celebrity and catwalk trends and retailers have to meet this. Not only with the fastest lead times but with the most competitive prices- whilst still ensuring high margins and profits. This means companies are cutting corners in quality, efficiency and worst of all safety. With this being the industry attitude dangerous mistakes are inevitable.

On the 24th of April 2013 1133 people died in the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh. Safety conditions were not monitored closely enough in the factory and quite frankly it was a disaster waiting to happen. And it’s not the only one. People are being killed and exploited making our hot picks and top bargains.

I’m not saying boycott brands or stop buying the latest trends. I’m saying let’s start questioning and kicking up a fuss. Let’s demand that brands and governments start giving us answers and protecting the people who make our garments.
Fashion is a wonderful creative outlet and I hate the fact that something I love so much is causing harm to so many. So let’s change that together.

On the 24th of April The Fashion Revolution are calling people to take a selfie of yourself in your inside out garment, tag the retailer you bought the garment from and ask #whomademyclothes?

Get involved. Make a difference. And change things for the better

Fashion Revolution



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