Trends for 2015- Shoulder Bag

Happy New Year!!!
Although it may be slightly too late to say that, we should all agree on a universal cut off point of when to stop asking about festivities and being nice. A day to let January blues truly commence!

 However this blog is not for such matters.  This blog is to discuss the trends that you need to start this year in style.
I’m going to do a series of posts over the next few weeks with as many of the trends I can find that are going to be in this year. As usual I’ll try and post things that are staples to the wadrobe, not just fast fashion. And maybe then be upcycled or found in second hand stores.

The shoulder bag seems a great place to begin. A long strap, medium size leather bag. It’s so darn practical and cute, great for day trips, festivals (I know but they’ll come around soon!) and even going out. The great news about the bags this time around aswell is that 70’s detailing is essential. So that means start rooting in charity shops, vintage stores even your Mum’s wardrobe! I guarantee you’ll find some brilliant bargains. And a little tip start doing it now before the highstreet chains start stocking them and they’re ridiculously in demand. Here are some examples obviously for inspiration (yeah I’m aware that gorgeous little orange number is £670 and no I’ll never be able to afford that either!) as well as potential buys

Maiyet  £670
Asos Marketplace  Annie and The Mannequins £16
Asos Marketplace
Annie and The Mannequins
shoulder bag 3
Asos Marketplace Peekaboo Vintage £60

Happy hunting and I’ll be back with another trend for ’15 soon




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