Lily Allen Style Icon

lily allen

My next style icon (as promised ages ago, sorry!) is the fantastic Lily Allen. I’m going to see her at the end of November and I can’t wait. Putting together her best looks has made me go into a fit of excitement!

Lily’s so often in the media for her style. I think because she’s such a loud mouth in her interviews and lyrics she’s sort of seen as fair game. People tear her looks apart and often take what she’s said totally out of context. I see her style just as I see her, ridiculously fun, completely contradictory, and definitely not to everyone’s taste.

Lily, as with most female artists, slightly changes style with every every album release. Part of this is changing trends, fine tuning your style but also matching your outfits to your new songs and vibe of the album. Although I personally prefer Lily in intricate feminine pieces I have been loving her newest looks. She’s definitely more daring, to show off her amazing new confidence, she’s gone crazy with colours quite often clashing prints and textures. It really matches the playfulness of her latest album.

To me Lily is best in Chanel and vintage, playful pieces with fun textures. Taking high fashion and making it silly and accessible. But she is a woman, who when feeling confident and bold, can make me love a completely hideous outfit. And that may sound horrible, but I think it’s the greatest fashion compliment!

Floella xx

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