Glastonbury round up

So Glastonbury’s over for another year. If you’re anything like me you’ll be thrilled you can stop staying up late watching all your favourite acts on bbcthree blinded by jealousy. Not to mention the pain of putting up with the likes of Laverne and Whiley saying how amazing and epic this year has been, please shut up! 

But once I end my rants of bitterness and envy I can thoroughly enjoy judging this years acts and spectators on their fashion choices. 

Every cloud and all that jazz


I love this Alexa Chung get up. It may not be massively festival appropriate but she looks smooth. I get a little bit annoyed with her continuously sticking to her style rules. You know the stuff cutesy dress, daring lippy and flat booties. Yeah she looks adorable in it but it’s good to see her branching out and wearing something that makes you look twice. Don’t rework this one cause I think it would be a nightmare for a festival but maybe take elements of this into your workwear or going out wardrobe


Lana Del Rey’s vocals may have been criticized (personally I loved her set) but no one is questioning how gorgeous she looks. This unbelievably simple, festival appropriate, glamorous outfit is one of my favourites of the festival. I love seeing her in something so vibrant and bold whilst still staying true to her sultry sweet fashion guidelines. And look at the girls hair, she could have worn anything and still looked like a goddess. 


Yes Lily Allen! Girls on a fashion roll. And to be honest she’s one of those who I would probably hate every piece of clothing if worn by someone else. 

She’s got that rare style gene of being able to display her character through her clothing. She’s a real favourite of mine and I can’t believe I haven’t devoted a style icon blog to her! This will have to be rectified exceptionally soon. 

But back to this look, so simple and gorgeous showcasing how massively confident she is about that gorgeous body at the moment. The highlight for me has to be those shoes. Killer for a festival. 


Doing it for the guys the gorgeous Henry Holland. A gorgeously sleek outfit but lets face it we’re all just mesmerized by that amazing jacket. I want that jacket so much! I love the contrast of the tough strong leather against that almost painted effect of those beautifully decorated flowers. Beautiful, which is so rare to describe a men’s jacket in such a way.

P.S Henry please burn the hunters 


I’m not gonna lie Florence’s fashion can just go right over my head. Or I despise it. But I love the way she’s put this outfit together. It’s so unusual but really refined and classic. That waistcoat is one of the best things I’ve seen at the festival. And quite simply even if the outfit was vile just the colours of her hair and jacket complimenting in that beautiful way would do it for me! Love the sunglasses too.

Please continue in this fashion Florence. 


I feel so guilty about my relationship with Sienna Miller’s wardrobe. I literally used to despise everything she wore. And her.

I’m an idiot. She’s one of those that because she annoys me slightly I lied and told myself she looks rubbish always. She really knows what she looks good in and it’s actually a rarity to see her not looking fresh. This style of jumpsuit has been seen around Glastonbury a lot but none have carried it off in this relaxed care free fashion.

Welldone Sienna….and sorry…….but maybe loose the hat?


Just a suggestion. 

Love Floella


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