Style Icon……..Pixie Geldof


My next Style Icon is the beautiful Pixie Geldof. Pixie is 22 and is best known for walking for Vivienne Westwood and being the face of ad campaigns for Henry Holland, Pringle of Scotland and Levi’s. 

For me Pixie is everything a style icon should be. She’s bold, expressive, and on trend. Although I’ve never watched an interview with Pixie, or infact heard her talk, I really feel like I know her. She has such a gift of being able to truly express her character and love of fashion in every outfit she wears.

That’s the mark of a true style icon, being able to wear different trends and new looks but completely making it your own. Everything she wears she makes it a pixie and I just can’t imagine anyone else looking as good in it!

What I love about her is that she can wears high fashion dresses by Dolce and Gabbana or Gucci (as seen above) but twists these glamorous pieces into rock and roll and grunge heaven. 

Red carpet, festival, front row at London fashion street or nipping out for a coffee, Pixie’s looks are well accessorized and thought out. But her innate style and confidence pull off these looks in a relaxed carefree fashion. She is the queen of the disheveled look and makes hours of fashion thought look like it’s just been thrown together. 

I think Pixie, unfairly, gets a lot of stick for her sense of style. But the people criticising  her are far too conservative. Perhaps they have a limited taste, only appreciating polished Hollywood style. They fail to notice her nods to different trends and eras. Or her tongue-in-cheek, punk, classic style.

To me she is the epitome of young British Fashion.


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