Hot 10

What with it now being December, and me getting stupidly excited, I thought I’d make this Hot 10 helpful for Christmas.

Whether it’s to give as gifts, wear it to Christmas parties or just because it’s so darn cute, you’ll find it all in this post.

Gold Thread & Black Brocade Floral Print Tailored Shorts  Lavish Alice £16

 These shorts from Lavish Alice are a steal at £16!  They are gorgeous and scream Christmas and luxury. Baroque is always a tricky one to pull off and I think it can sometimes be ageing. But as these are short shorts I don’t think that’s a problem. It’s a fresher look for Christmas parties with heels and a blouse. Or just with flats and a black jersey shirt for lunch or early drinks. They’d be such a good budget present aswell, as they look so much more expensive than they are!

ASOS Jumper Dress in Twist Yarn

A jumper dress is so good at this time of year. Still very stylish but keeps you wrapped up. Especially good for trawling round the shops finding presents for all the fussy people in your life! It’s colourful which is nice as everything gets a little darker this season. Lovely with tights and ankle boots, you’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug.

Elaan Micro Pleat TopTed Baker £99
Elaan Micro Pleat Top
Ted Baker

I love this top so much. The colour is so lovely. It would look great with black or dark jeans and heel or flats. It’s perfect for a meal with all those friends back for the Christmas hols and wanting a catch up. Oh and the pleats and the shape make it perfect for after Christmas if you’ve indulged a little too much!


These boots are again perfect for shopping. Flat but stylish. Ultra comfortable but still ultra glamorous. And another trick you can wear snuggly bed socks under them to stay super warm and no-one need ever know. And only £28. Genius!


A super gorgeous going out clutch bag. It’s a great size as it’s big so can carry make up and christmas cards! But it’s not bulky.  This wonderful clutch has the ability to radically change an already seen outfit. So if you’ve overspent and can’t afford to buy 126784 dresses for all these parties at this time of year use accessories to revamp outfits. Would make such a stylish Christmas present aswell.

Red Reindeer Print T-Shirt Newlook£12.99
Red Reindeer Print T-Shirt

Also this top may, at first, just look like another novelty Christmas item. It actually packs a mean style punch. The berry red colour is bang on trend. Animals are everywhere this season, foxes, owls and dogs are making an appearance on knitwear and t-shirts on catwalks and the high street alike. And the sparkle of the reindeer is ofcorse bang on Christmas trend. So if you want a fun Christmas top make it this  ridiculously on trend one! Especially as it’s only £12.99.


This beautiful floral crown is not for the fainthearted! And it’s also not for those on a budget. But the colour does make it perfect for this time of year. It would beautiful for a winter wedding and as mentioned before could revive an outfit when a bit of recycling is needed.


If you don’t have a leather jacket I urge you to get one! They are just beyond versatile. Great with a casual outfit and even better for a night out so you don’t freeze waiting for the taxi. It just isn’t stylish to be blue guys! They also last so long so really are great value for money. This one in particular is brilliant as it’s been reduced from £60 to £50. It also has studs which just adds a funky twist to this timeless classic.

Pieces Bibbo MittensAsos
Pieces Bibbo Mittens

Speaking of keeping warm! These mittens are completely adorable. And at only £9 you could grab a couple of pairs. One for you some as a stocking filler. They really are a really sweet gift

Sentimental Wedge Office £70
Sentimental Wedge

It really wouldn’t be Christmas with a ridiculously high, gold detailed, beautiful shoe.  Well that’s how the saying goes! This wedge really is gorgeous and would look beautiful with a classic lbd. It would also go brilliantly with the above Lavish Alice shorts. Why not treat yourself to both!

Pictures of items in the blog link up to websites so you can buy the items if you like them. Thanks for reading and good luck with the Christmas shopping!



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