Get Panelling

Panelling is everywhere at the moment. Stella McCartney is really responsible for the surge of panelling now on the high street. So many celebrities have been seen wearing her designs and looking amazing so we didn’t have to wait long for the copycat looks to hit the high streets.

I really like this trend because it’s so versatile. Panelling can be sheer or lace for a late night look or block colours and knee length for an office look. It also suits so many different shapes. As proven by the amount of celebrities seen rocking the trend.

Here are some of some examples of my favourite celeb looks,

Penelope Cruz
Stella McCartney
Gwen Stefani
Stella McCartney
Emma Stone
Cheryl Cole

Now here are a few high street finds ranging from the, now almost traditional, Stella McCartney esque panelling. To some newer fresher ways to do the trend

Bodycon dress with Leather details
Floral Dress with lace panels
Contrast Panel Blazer
Print Panel Bodycon Dress
Mango @ Asos
Black and White Panel Peplum Top
Polly Sequin Bandeau Dress
Dress with faux leather waist

                                            Feel free to comment on any pictures or show me some of your own panel finds! 



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